How It Works – A Quick Summary of the Solution

CropTower™ Each CropTower™ is 10 ft. high and can contain up to 102 plants in a floor space footprint of just 81 square feet. The canopy produced by one CropTower™ is equal to the canopy produced by six 4’ x 8’ tables. The advantages and savings of the CropTower™ system cover all phases of your grow, and include:

  • 90% Water Savings
  • 50% Less Labor Cost
  • 50% Less Fertilizer Cost
  • 25% Less A/C Cost
  • 100% Less Grow Material
  • Very Fast Returns
  • No Need For More Space

Our computer-regulated system optimizes proprietary nutrients, water, temperature and gas levels to maximize production. Our energy saving, custom, full-spectrum LED light system produces the precise spectrums of light that each plant needs to expedite growth. The self-contained patent-pending aeroponic system is serviced by reservoirs with conditioned water and a special nutrient blend. The nutrient rich water gently “rains” down on the roots, recycled and recirculated. All functions are remotely monitored and programmed from the grow facility or the web-enabled, cloud-based dashboard. Depending on the strain, harvest levels can reach 32 lbs. per tower/harvest with a minimum of 6 harvests annually – three times what you grow now! There is so much more to this story, so contact us for more details!

Solution Components – This is a Turn Key Solution

The HyperponicTM Grow Solution contains a number of components to facilitate the cloning, planting, growth, harvest, cleaning and re-planting. This information below will give you a glimpse into what does into the solution.

1. Clone Racks

Our clone racks are up to 3 levels of hydroponic clones, managed by an automated light and pump system to facilitate quick growth. The clones are grown in our grow medium, shaped for their next steps so there is a seamless and easy transfer to the CropTowers™

2. CropTowers™

The CropTowers™ are part of the aeroponic, virtually automated, grow system, that manages all aspects of the grow, veg, scrog and harvest phases. Each 10-foot tall CropTowers™ holds 102 plants in 81 square feet of floor space. The plant roots grow inside the tower, in no grow medium (hence aeroponic). The system feeds the roots on a consistent basis during each phase of the grow cycle. Since the canopy is measured from the plant stem at the roots, our canopies produce far more product in a smaller space than anything you are doing now.

3. LED Lighting Systems

We use very high quality, American made LED lights, 8 feet tall and 36 feet around, encircling the tower and the plants to provide the exact level of light, at the right times to each and every plant, no matter the plants’ place in the growth cycle.

4. Nutrient Tanks

Three fully operational nutrient tanks hold the proprietary blend to feed the plants in the CropTowers™. They are computer managed and monitored to deliver a consistent supply of needed nutrition to the plant roots. Redundancy is built into everything we do, and there are always standby systems in place in case an alternative tank needs to kick into action.

5. Cleaning Solutions

After the plants are harvested, our patent-pending Budet© cleaning machine is attached to the tower and within a few hours the tower is cleaned, sterilized, dried and ready for the next planting of clones. A short turnaround adds to the speed at which your grow can be productive and profitable.

6. Air & Environmental Management

We monitor and manage the air quality in terms of O2, CO2, humidity, temperature and other elements to ensure the perfect environment for the plants to thrive.

7. Computer Monitoring and Management

Our proprietary computer management systems monitors and manages every key aspect of each tower. Air, nutrition, temperature, lights, CO2, everything that affects plant grows and quality is continuously monitored, measured and managed to ensure optimum outcomes.

8. Systems Management

All data is captured and posted to our cloud-based computer network, so every aspect of every grow and every tower can be meticulously managed on a 24/7 basis. Fully redundant backup systems can be brought into action at a moment’s notice to ensure there is ZERO downtime during the growth cycle.

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