The Hyperponic™ CropTower™ system solves so many grower problems. Our system ensures high quality, high yield crops, ease of operation and profitability. Not only is our system cost effective, but also more profitable.

The Biggest Problem Overcome

The aeroponic concept was developed by NASA and Disney many years ago. It’s a provers and effective means of growing crops. One of the biggest problems with aeroponics is that in traditional aeroponic grows, they use misters. Misters send a fine mist to spray the roots to feed them water and nutrients. The problem is that the clustering of nutrient molecules are too big for the misters, and they have a strong tendency to clog. This requires an enormous amount of ongoing maintenance to main system performance.

Hyperponic worked for years to develop a system that delivers water and nutrients to the roots WITHOUT CLOGGING. The Hyperponic Aqueduct water delivery system eliminates the clogging, provide a virtually maintenance-free system for feeding your crops. This drastically reduces maintenance time and costs, not to mention the headaches that come with constant upkeep of your grow.

Problems we can solve for you:

  • Warehouse space utilization and product production increase by a factor of 3
  • Decreases operating costs by 12-20% (LED Lights, recycled water, automation, clean room)
  • Increased revenue with oil/gram (Harvested roots increase raw material volume)
  • Reduced grow management headaches/issues (our process and consulting)
  • Increased margins by reducing cost per lb to wholesale commodity rates
  • We provide commercial growers a clean, consistently controlled, virtually automated environment. Our system increases production by 3X in the same square footage, while the reducing costs of power (LED lights), water (re-circulated) and labor (automated processes).

We reduce the whole cost to produce a high-quality product to well under their current costs, providing them some additional margin during the price drop commodity transition and beyond.

System Advantages:

  • Maximizes Your Existing Warehouse Space By Going Vertical
  • No Need For Grow Media
  • Minimizes Human Error
  • 90% Water Savings
  • 50% Less Labor Cost
  • 50% Less Fertilizer Cost
  • 25% Less A/C Cost
  • Fast ROI
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